We are a partner in delivering telecommunications solutions for mobile operators around the world.

BSS Solutions

For last decade we have been partner in delivering BSS
solutions for mobile operators around the world.

Automated Testing

Automated acceptance test is a service we offer to various
clients in fields of telecommunication. Gain confidence for
massive changes in your systems.


Telco/IoT/IT – integrate them in a proper way and build exciting new solutions with our platform.

BSS Solutions
Automated Testing

BSS Solutions

We can help you bring your legacy SS7 services to an IMS world with our SIP B2BUA solution that has powerful and flexible call control functionalities. We have a solution that harmonizes SS7 and SIP protocol stack and translate one call state model to another. Don't throw away your proven and running solutions that are written for SS7 stack - port them to SIP.

Services we provide for our partners:


Technical Consulting

Service Design and Development

Software Verification

System Integration

Field Acceptance

Automated Testing


Level1 and Level2 On-Site Support

Platforms we are working on are state of the art
telco-grade systems.

Telecommunication systems requires multi-node and geo-redundant architecture to guarantee high availability (99.999%) and high throughput (hundreds of kBHCA).

We know how to design, implement, deploy and operate such systems.

We worked on various telecommunication solutions.

We have in-depth understanding of telecommunication protocols:

Automated Testing

Keep control over your system.


Telecommunication networks are heterogeneous, multi-vendor, multi-protocol, ever changing systems. Failures within the network usually directly impact great number of end users and might have severe consequences on customer satisfaction. Therefore every hardware or software change in such systems require comprehensive and detailed planning and testing.

Having automated test framework with stable regressions gives so needed confident and assurance to the operator in stability of their network, allowing them to engage in needed upgrades and maintenances of their network knowing that any disturbances or errors of their versatile set of services and solutions they offer to their end customers would be spotted on time

Specifying a system test behavior is done using 'Specification By Example' approach, making the test explicit and human readable, thus bridging the gap between engineers, management and marketing.

Adcon automated test suites reduce the costs, shorter the time and increases 

the quality of test execution. They fully automatically cover all aspects of single scenario.

Preparation Phase
Subscriber provisioning, platform and service configuration (file system, bash, REST API, SOAP API, HTTP.....), platform preparation (logging level, test mode etc.), device setup (SIM association...), GUI navigation...

Execution Phase
Control of real user equipment (phones), call setup, notifications, pcap tracing of any network element, fetch of the execution logs...

Validation Phase
Post check of the subscriber data, CDR validation, pcap validation, log checking, GUI navigation

Communication Platform as a Service/IoT

Plugin telecommunication services to your IT systems - and use this strength to enrich your IoT solutions.


CPaaS opened the door to otherwise closed and self-sufficient telecommunication systems, allowing integration of telecommunication services with software solutions and systems that exists beyond the borders of the operators. Such concept allows people to build new and innovative solutions where direct communication with their clients is necessity, but without need to heavily and deeply integrate into the operator network.

We in Adcon recognize the power and potential that lies behind CPaaS and are excited to see how it would reshape currently still operator-centric telecommunication market.

We are developing a platform that uniquely combines three worlds: telecommunication services, IT solutions and IoT on the field. Such ground enables us to rapidly develop various IoT/AI/Telco solutions.

Enrich your IoT solutions with: Face Recognition, Emotion Detection, Biometric Analysis, SMS notifications, Call Voice Bots, Text-2-Speech, Speech-2-Text, Bots, Sensors, Actuators, Virtual Assistants, Viber and WhatsUp Chat Bots, Number Masquerading

Programmable telecom has reached its mature stage where programmable APIs are available on multiple levels of abstraction: from SLEE API for operator internal business logics to high level abstract APIs for integration of IT solutions.

CPaaS enablement
Over-the-top solutions are taking advantage of closed telecommunication networks and it results by leaving operators out of the loop.

We can help mobile operators to get back in the game and claim back their position by properly capitalizing their assets and exposing the APIs to utilize their network infrastructure and native telecommunication services.

Custom SLEE
Each mobile network is different and each operator has specific needs as result of various technical and non-technical factors. We are aware of it and are here to help you with rapid application development of tailored SLEE based telecommunication services.

We’ve mastered wide range of telecommunication protocols (CAP, INAP, MAP, SIP, Diameter, SMPP, SNMP…) and designed various IN solutions with complex call control handlings (rerouting, parallel ringing, sequential ringing, service broker, screening…)

We are developing modular SLEE compatible product with support for SIP and SS7 access that can combine following functionalities:

• Legacy IN Number Translation Service features like Freephone, Premium Rate Service, Universal Access Numbers, TeleVoting.
• Call Center features: call transfer, call recording, integration with ticketing systems…
• Natural Language IVR Bots integrated with internally built domain knowledge base and self-learning capabilities.


Join our Telecommunications and Energy expert teams.


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